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Versebooks: New Blockchain Music App Acquires $ 3M Music Catalog from LA Resident

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Ryan Larry and Delence Sheares, two geniuses who identified a need in the music industry, came together to create a social market for the music industry. They realized that this didn’t exist before, so they looked to create a platform for audio voices instead of the usual, which is the audio instrumental. They called this market “Versebooks”.

Inspiration for Versebooks came from a relationship in the music industry between Ryan and an A&R named Matthew Markoff who sells verses in Los Angeles. Ryan said, “As an executive producer, I have catalogs of music that I own from various artists that I have worked with, traditional and unknown. My friend A&R is firing verses that I own for substantial random cash, so I knew it was a verse request, but no platform. One day I was talking to Delence about apps and gave him the idea based on Versebooks, and it was officially under construction.

After months of construction and development, Ryan got the idea to inquire with Matthew about the possibility of purchasing one of his extensive music catalogs. After a few conference calls and a meeting with Bernie Lawrence-Watkins, Ryan’s seasoned intellectual property lawyer, the deal was officially launched and sealed. This acquisition will give Versebooks users licensed access to over 360 verses and compositions from over 100 mainstream artists ranging from A-List celebrities to C-List. The strategic partnership with Holy Toledo Productions and Anno Domini Nation will also reward the ability of custom verses and production for premium users of the app.

Who can use Versebooks?

Versebooks extends to writers, artists, copyright holders, DJs, record companies, aspiring musicians, and even ordinary people. These people can use the marketplace to acquire, manage, monetize, and market intellectual property with this one revolutionary app. This app alone makes things much easier for anyone looking to find a secure method to store or exchange audio voices. Whatever you need to do with your content, Versebooks has a way to help you do it.

Top-notch security:

An important concern that people may have is security to ensure that all of their content in the app is secure and that all transactions are secure. Versebooks is completely transparent on this issue as their security system is similar to that of major online currencies such as Bitcoin.

This system is none other than the blockchain.

This encryption system guarantees safety, security and transparency for each transaction carried out on the application. Since the same blockchain and hashing method is used for large cryptocurrencies, Versebooks will store all of your data and transactions on a platform that treats this data the same way as most online currencies.

Because it’s secure, you won’t have to worry about waiting for similar apps to appear. Versebooks has it all.

Unlimited uses:

With Versebooks, the possibilities are endless with its multiple uses. One of the most valuable of these is its ability to generate license agreements. This process happens in the blink of an eye, but there’s more. They are registered simultaneously with ASCAP, BMI or SESAC. But that’s not even the most fascinating part – everything is done before it’s even downloaded!

This rapid generation and recording will be of tremendous benefit to music supervisors who find it difficult to research movie / TV sync licenses or want it to happen faster. It will also help DJs and artists who want to remix or reuse vocals, as permissions are needed to prevent copyright infringement.

This app will be of benefit to record companies that have a large catalog of dormant music. Now they will have a platform that monetizes these catalogs for them and repeatedly monetizes the same content from those catalogs. They can do this through non-exclusive license agreements.

Finally, this app can also help celebrities. They can easily fire, raffle, or auction verse to their fans or to aspiring artists who are directly inspired by them. This distribution will be much easier as there is no hassle or lengthy administrative processes that usually arise when labels and lawyers are involved. This app will truly change the industry and the way music is created!

Why is Versebooks right for you?

Many people may be used to the system of endless pages of legal work, so why exactly is Versebooks the best alternative?

First of all, as mentioned above, security is unquestionable while physical documents can be compromised. Along with this, the rapid generation of license agreements and registration with ASCAP, BMI or SESAC makes the whole process faster and more convenient. Let’s take a real life example where Versebooks could have prevented a significant problem from appearing.

Not too long ago, rapper Cardi B released a song called “Up” and there were allegations of plagiarism by an unknown artist regarding the lyrics. How could Versebooks have prevented this? Songwriters like Cardi B (or even the accuser) can record and manage their compositions and their ownership rights to those compositions on the Blockchain before they are released to the public. Hashed information in blockchain technology is time stamped and cannot be changed. Case closed!

Versebooks is still reliable in a different scenario, as the app can help record companies find relevant new uses for these dormant worms in the catalogs they own the rights to, hence the Nipsey Hussle and Jay-Z collaboration. In a world where the musical landscape is continually evolving to the point of becoming overwhelming, blockchain technology creates a layer of decentralized security and transparency. As a result, nothing is ever done against anyone’s will and privacy is never compromised.

The story of the creators:

If you still have doubts, just because you don’t know who is involved in this process, let’s take a look at the creators: Ryan Larry and Delence Sheares. Ryan is an executive music producer from Columbus, Ohio, with a history of developing artists. His most notable work is Trippie Redd, which was actually in the early stages of his career, so he could only go up from there. Delence, of Toledo, Ohio, is a graduate of MIT specializing in computer programming and coding and blockchain technology. These two creators specialize in the two major players in the application: music and coding.

This story proves that the app was built by people with realistic goals who knew what they wanted, how to create it, and how to run it effortlessly. Collectively, this has created a convenient, fast, secure, and straightforward alternative to endless paperwork and compromised security for music creators around the world. Learn more at

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