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What is the best free music app alternative to Spotify?

Music apps promise listeners millions of songs on demand, the ability to store them without worrying about using space on their phones or computers, and minimal ad disruption. Some apps include all of this for free, and they’re available for iOS and / or Android with a bit of web searching. Spotify is, by far, one of the most popular music apps, and like other big subscription streaming services, like Apple Music or Tidal, it has a free tier, but there are others.

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Free music apps are perfect for casual listeners or those who already subscribe to too many other streaming services. Their sound quality will not be as good as the paid versions, they will have more advertisements and some functions may be limited, but there are more than enough benefits to make these Spotify alternatives worth it.

ten Musi

Musi free music streaming app interface

Similar to Q, the free music app designed to let coworkers create a single public playlist for the office using Spotify tracks, Musi allows listeners to create their own playlists using songs. from YouTube and SoundCloud. It is a simple and straightforward app to use to search for music by genre and popularity, and it allows listeners to change the quality of their music settings.

Unfortunately, Musi has ads that appear sporadically, but there is no limit to the number of lists that users can create, and they can either keep them private or share them with friends and colleagues. At the moment, it is only available on Android.

9 Pandora

Pandora free music streaming app interface

One of Spotify’s biggest competitors is Pandora, the music streaming juggernaut that has the same functionality as Spotify’s radio with a few other tricks of its own. Drawing inspiration from their favorite artists and genres, users can choose stations to suit their tastes – even if they’re just Hollywood musicals – and Pandora will intuitively make suggestions to promote the discovery of new music. .

Pandora has built its reputation on preserving music for listeners, with a free and premium option. The free version has short ads and limits the number of songs listeners can skip in a row, but it’s worth it for the unique and personalized streaming experience. Pandora is available for iOS and Android.

8 Youtube music

YouTube Music Free Music Streaming App Home Page

While not as widely used, YouTube Music is another competitor to Spotify, providing a free tier for users who want to explore the service’s huge selection of songs and music videos. As for the latter, YouTube Music is second to none, offering hundreds of thousands of music videos not available elsewhere.

With its simple and clean layout and access to plenty of rare songs and artists, this might be what users are looking for when they want to create more alternative playlists. The free option does not allow offline download, so listeners will need to keep it open on their phone (iOS / Android compatible) or computer.

7 SoundCloud

SoundCloud free music streaming app home page

One of the largest platforms for emerging artists looking to stand out in the music industry, SoundCloud guarantees listeners will find bands, artists and genres they’ve never heard of on its streaming service. . With the free tier, users will be able to access over 120 million songs (and some pop-up ads) on iOS and Android.

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SoundCloud allows users to chat directly with emerging artists, create their own playlists, and share with friends. Although the quality of the songs will vary depending on the artist and their level of production, listeners who want something other than traditional music may not care due to the possibility of discovering an artist before they go. to throw.

6 BBC sounds

Home page of the free BBC Sounds music streaming app

BBC Sounds, the music app formerly known as iPlayer Radio is known to be a reliable radio app, with typical BBC radio stations like 1Xtra, Radio 1 and 4, etc., while still allowing listeners explore podcasts, music mixes and live sets.

Users can sort the app’s catalog by genre, then download content and listen on various devices, pausing and picking up where they left off each time (which is perfect if a listener wants to s ‘train but don’t want to miss out on a podcast). The BBC is known for its excellent sound, so while it’s not a music-only app, the music heard through it is top notch. BBC Sounds is available for iOS, Android and has a web player.

5 LiveXLive

LiveXLive free music streaming app home page

Previously known as Slacker Radio, LiveXLive is a streaming app that combines the best of audio and video, where users can create personalized music stations and then share them with their friends. Similar to Pandora, it allows listeners to choose genres and pre-program their own streaming radio stations, which are accessible on all mobile phone platforms and the web.

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It keeps track of users’ favorite songs, either by selection or by the number of times they have played them, and tries to personalize the experience as much as possible. For the few ads and audio banners it has, it’s worth exploring the free tier.

4 Deezer

Deezer free music streaming app homepage

Another user-friendly service that doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles but gets the job done, Deezer is a music app that features 56 million songs and is easy to navigate. If listeners want something more than music, it also has plenty of podcasts and content that isn’t directly related to music.

Signing up for the premium service will guarantee lossless audio, but the sound quality of playlists curated on Deezer is quite decent considering the minimal ads with the free tier. Deezer is currently available for iOS and Android.

3 Amazon Prime Music

Amazon Prime Music Free Music Streaming App Home Page

With 2 million free songs and the accessibility of operation through Fire and Echo devices, Amazon Prime Music is still a top choice when it comes to music streaming. Unfortunately, it’s only free for members who are already taking advantage of Amazon Prime Video. However, Amazon runs promotions regularly, so anyone interested in trying out Amazon Prime Music can try it out as part of a free trial.

As well as getting free one-day shipping, Amazon Prime Video customers get access to Amazon’s vast music library, and the best part about the arrangement is that they get all of their favorite songs at the request without a single advertisement.

2 To agree

TuneIn Radio free music streaming app homepage

Like BBC Sounds, TuneIn is not purely a music app, focusing primarily on radio stations. For those who don’t mind having their music that way, it offers a wide variety of stations, including BBC Radio, NPR, and C-SPAN, as well as news from Fox News and CNN, and even a library of unexpected podcasts. .

When it comes to radio specific apps, this is one of the best, especially since local and genre-specific stations are widely available to suit every listener’s tastes. Like other apps, users can still search for music by genre, artist, and song.

1 The future FM

The homepage of the free music streaming app Future FM

Standing out from the crowd, The Future FM is a free music app that promotes DJ mixes and live sets from nightclubs, festivals and concerts. By posting content from the world’s best DJs, listeners can have a different music experience and hear what the rest of the world is celebrating.

For listeners keen to support DJs, this makes DJs the rights holders to their mixes and ensures that they receive royalties for the works they create. Users can also learn more about their favorite DJs through their podcasts, where they talk about their mixing process, influences, and what it means to them to be a DJ.

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