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YouTube Music app for Android Auto gets a makeover

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YouTube Music app for Android Auto gets a makeover.

YouTube Music available on Android Auto is getting one of its biggest redesigns, adding navigation tabs and more. Deployed as part of the Android YouTube Music 4.30.50 app, this redesigned interface for Android Auto is a pretty big change from the old interface.

By far the biggest change in this new YouTube Music interface on Android Auto is the four navigation tabs at the top, 9To5Google reported. There are four tabs in total, the first being a “Home” tab which includes shortcuts to recently played media.

There is also a “Last Played” tab for your most recent songs or albums. “Library” includes your playlists and saved media, and there is also a dedicated tab for “Device files”, ie media stored locally.

Notably, however, these tabs are contextual. If you are not a regular YouTube Music user, for example, the “Last Played” tab will not appear. The same applies to “Device files”.

If you don’t have music stored locally, the tab won’t show, according to the report. Beyond simple navigation, however, this new YouTube Music for Android Auto design also beautifies the main UI with more visual elements.

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