Music production

How the iPad is revolutionizing music production

Do you know how much of a consumer device the iPad is, like a digital baby spoon? And that the Apple tablet cannot be used for “real work”? Well, Grammy-winning music producer Henny Tha Bizness disagrees. He uses the iPad exclusively for making music. He also believes that a decade from now, if you haven’t […]

Music recording

Microsoft is helping Abbey Road RED explore the future of music recording

Abbey Road Studios, the world-renowned studio that housed The Beatles and Pink Floyd, is trying to shape the future of music creation in its first hackathon using Microsoft technology. The London studio’s audio technology incubator, Abbey Road RED, invited over 100 developers, technologists, designers and music producers to find new ways to capture sound and […]

Music app

How to use your favorite music app in Google Maps

Using your phone to navigate and listen to music while driving are two common activities, but each app requires your full attention. It is distracting, dangerous, and in many states, illegal to play on your phone while driving. To save you from having to swap apps just to switch music, Google has added a new […]