Music app

Android proposes to replace the Google Play music app with YouTube Music

Google wants to make YouTube the default audio app on Android in hopes of increasing its chances of competing with Spotify. Currently the default Android audio app is Google Play Music, which tries to get users to switch to Google’s subscription streaming service, but doesn’t do a very good job and is mostly used as […]

Music production

Spotify acquires SoundBetter, the music production market – The Hollywood Reporter

Audio streaming giant Spotify Technology announced Thursday that it has acquired SoundBetter, a music and audio production and collaboration marketplace. Financial terms were not disclosed. Brooklyn-based SoundBetter, founded in 2012, helps “creators around the world connect and hire the best audio professionals.” The company claims to have “helped tens of thousands of music professionals buy […]

Music production

Spotify acquires SoundBetter, a music production marketplace, for an undisclosed amount – TechCrunch

Spotify today took a new step in its efforts to develop services for artists to help them diversify away from a business model based on the payment of music streaming royalties to labels: it acquired SoundBetter, a music production market allowing artists, producers and musicians to connect to specific projects; and for people looking to […]

Music recording

Rare Internships For Women Offered In Music Recording Studios – Here’s How To Apply

The women of Kirklees, turned to the music industry, have an exciting new opportunity to take their first steps towards the career of their choice. The Yorkshire Sound Women Network (YSWN) is launching two internship opportunities for young women living in Kirklees who wish to gain hands-on experience working in a recording studio. The organization, […]