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Universal Audio Luna music recording platform debuts for Mac

Universal Audio Luna is a brand new all-in-one recording platform. Creators of the incredible Apollo and Arrow audio interfaces, TO brings more than 60 years of analog audio expertise to the service of the new platform for creating and recording analog music. Those familiar with the brand will probably expect an astronomical price tag and […]

Music recording

Music Recording Market 2019 Global Technology, Development- …

(MENAFN – Improving solutions) Global Music Recording Market Forecast to 2022 Wearable technologies such as gloves and jackets are used by artists during live performances. Wearable technologies are accessories such as clothing, headgear and gloves, etc. These devices are self-equipped to connect to machines without human intervention. Devices like Sound Brenner Pulse help artists keep […]

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11 Best Music Production Books You Must Read in 2020

Being good at music production requires huge experience, but also technical knowledge. Here we look at eleven books that can help you dive into the theory and improve your understanding of production as a whole. ________________________________________ Post invited by Alexandre Lavoie of Landr It takes a lot of knowledge and know-how to get better at […]