Music production

An overview of modern music production

very first recording device. It was 20 years later, in 1877, that the world discovered Edison’s famous phonograph. In 1886, Emile Berliner, a German inventor, started working on sound recording technologies. Hence, the Gramophone was born. A phonograph used a rotating cylinder whereas a gramophone used a rotating disc. Not to mention that the spinning […]

Music recording

Tributes pour in for country music recording legend Ross Murphy, who passed away this week | The head of the daily newspaper in the North

community, ross murphy, country music, tamworth Tamworth lost a country music legend this week, with the death of Ross Murphy. Mr. Murphy became involved in the local country music scene in the early 1960s and formed the Tamworth branch of the organization now known as the Capital Country Music Association. “He was definitely one of […]

Music app

How to Replace the Apple Music App with Something Better

Like almost all of Apple’s built-in iOS apps, the Music app is capable but difficult to use. Apple’s habit of hiding key functions behind multiple button presses is in full effect here, and it’s getting worse. Want to “heart” a piece? Previously, you could do this from the lock screen reader. Now you need to […]

Music streaming

10 Hottest Music Streaming Apps in India 2020

From the melodies of Tansen in Mughal times to Billie Eilish in contemporary times, music has mixture and has gone through different eras without losing its charm. The previous decade has seen an increase in the number of music app downloads due to massive internet penetration in India. The total number of Internet users in […]

Music production

7 audio tools for engineers interested in music production

If you want to crown your engineering skills with music production, you don’t need a big professional studio. Setting up professionally equipped studios that you see on the internet is not as difficult as you might think. Building a home studio shouldn’t be a big deal either. As long as you have some of the […]

Music app

Samplr, a revolutionary music app for iPad, gets its first update in 5 years

Samplr is one of the most popular iPad music apps. You load a sample, and then you can play it and manipulate it with your fingers. It’s simple to learn, yet capable of incredibly complex and beautiful results. Unfortunately, the developer landed a job at Apple and the development of Samplr ceased. Until now. The […]