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New in Apple Music app for iOS 14: Listen Now tab, endless autoplay, iPad redesign

iOS 14 brings major new features like Home screen updates, widgets, new privacy controls, and feature updates like Siri and HomeKit. But Apple has also taken the time to work on some pretty significant feature enhancements for many of its core apps. One of them is the Music app. Apple continues to aggressively compete with […]

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Ujjaini believes in recording old-fashioned music | Bengali movie news

Over the past 15 years, digitization has taken center stage in all aspects of our lives. Movies and music are no different either. Speaking about the music recording scenario, singer Ujjaini Mukherjee said that even though modern technology has made life immensely easy for singers, she still prefers the old-fashioned methods and wants to deliver […]

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Atlanta-based Music App Deepr Highlights Importance of Black-Owned Music Technology During Black Music Month

“Shazam on Steroids” is how the founders of the Atlanta-based music discovery app Deepr describe their innovative platform. And with June recognized as Black Music Month in the United States, having an app that shines a light on the creators behind the music – as opposed to just performers – is one way its founders […]

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Classical music app ‘Concertino’ for Apple Music is now available for iOS

We’ve already covered Concertino here on 9to5Mac, which is an app focused on turning “Apple Music into a magical classical music jukebox”. Previously only available as a web app, Concertino is now available for iOS on the App Store. Concertino works as a third-party client for Apple Music, making it easy to find classic songs […]