Music streaming

Spotify, Tidal and more ranked

Westend61 For many of us, the days of buying albums are over. The best music streaming services have put millions of songs at our fingertips, ready to be played on our smartphone, tablet, computer or smart speakers whenever we want. Just under £10 a month gives you access to a bigger music library than you […]

Music production

10 things we miss about old-school music production

We live in the golden age of audio production. Things that were once the exclusive domain of the commercial recording facility are now easily – even freely – obtained. A vast source of knowledge is readily available to anyone who takes the trouble to seek it out, and is often taught personally by well-known practitioners […]

Music production

Microsoft Surface for music production: Surface Book 3 or Surface Go 2?

Microsoft Surface Book 3 and Surface Go 2 · Source: Microsoft So you need a new workhorse for mobile music production, and you’ve decided to look beyond Apple’s Mac OS. While the Surface Book 3 pulses with more power, the Surface Go 2 can deliver surprisingly music-friendly stability at a more affordable price. Which would […]