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7 Best VST Libraries and String Instruments in 2022 for Music Production

The 7 Best VST String Instruments in 2022

When it comes to music production, the possibilities are endless. Now it’s possible to have some of the world’s best orchestras at your fingertips in your DAW. these VST String Instruments are recorded by musicians around the world and add epic orchestral sounds to your productions. Some of the best VST string products are created by companies like Orchestral Tools and Spitfire. These products often cost hundreds of dollars but are easily worth the investment.

Below are seven of the best VST string packs at various price points. Our top five picks can be used in both paid and free versions of Contact. Also, take a look at the end of the article for our favorite free channel plugins for EDM production.

The 7 Best VST String Instruments for 2022

Output analog channels – $199

Available for $199 on Plugin Boutique, Output Analog Strings is a library of strings available at a bargain price. The release sampled a 60-piece string orchestra, 22-piece orchestra, and vintage analog synths to create a playable instrument with over 500 presets. Analog Strings also features unconventional sounds like plucked piano and guitar resonance. It has an elegant and user-friendly interface with interesting parameters for effects and rhythm.

Modern Heavyocity NOVO strings – $549

If you are looking for a channel library used by real professionals, then Heavocity NOVO Modern Strings is a solid choice. Recorded at Warner Bros. Studios, these strings can be used in anything from movie scores to EDM anthems. It contains 21,254 samples from sources such as a 50-piece orchestra and full violin and bass ensembles. What sets NOVO apart are the innovative parameters and intense control it gives you over sounds. Available for $549 at Plugin Boutique, Heavyocity NOVO Modern Strings are a great investment for full-time producers.

STRIIIINGS Symphonic Elements – $169

The co-founder of UJAM – the company behind this VST string instrument – is the one and only Hans Zimmer, one of the greatest film composers in the world. And his legendary string recordings are used in STRIIIINGS. The vst string instrument plug-in comes with sixty playing styles, a 24dB multimode synthesizer filter, and a new sound design and creative performance engine, made by UJAM. Striiiings are quite a versatile instrument and can work in pretty much any genre from pop to epic. Check out the plugin in action below.

Zilhouette Strings – $131

This VST instrument is a collection of 7 violins, 2 violas and 2 basses. Zilhouette Strings mainly offers 3 different articulations: Shorts, Longs & Pizzicato. One thing we really liked about the plugin was the ability to mix groups of instruments with each other. The instrument also gives you a bunch of options to help you tweak the sound to suit your tastes. Overall, we were quite impressed with the simplicity and warmth of the plugin. Check out the vst instrument in action below.

Orchestra Tools Berlin Orchestra Inspire – 399

orchestra tools has created some of the best VST string instruments on the market. Berlin Strings is one of their most famous (and most expensive) products, but they recently released the Berlin Orchestra Inspire 1 series for only 399€. Recorded at the Teldex Scoring Stage in Berlin, Inspire 1 combines strings, brass, woodwinds, harps, pianos, percussion, and more. Individual instruments are available for purchase separately and cost approximately €25 each. If you’re looking to enhance your string library, Orchestral Tools is worth a look.

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Native Instruments String Set – $499

Native Instruments String Ensemble is an excellent choice for producers looking to add orchestral strings to their productions. Recorded at Studio 22 in Budapest, String Ensemble features nearly 75,000 samples from a 60-piece string section. Available for $499, it has a handy interface that has several adjustable parameters. Combining violins, violas, cellos and basses, Native Instruments’ String Ensemble is one of the best string VST products.

Spitfire Symphonic Strings – $799

Possibly the highest quality VST string pack available, Spitfire Symphonic Strings are famous in all musical genres. They retail for $799, but are widely regarded as the best virtual orchestra you’ll find. It includes nearly 90,000 samples created by 60 of the world’s best string players. Spitfire Symphonic Strings offers many violins, violas, cellos, basses and complete sets. It’s a must-have for professional producers who make instrumental and melodic music.

Best Free Orchestral Strings for 2022

Spitfire Labs – Strings

The famous Spitfire has a free series known as Spitfire Laboratories. Their Strings pack was recorded in London by 14 prestigious string players.

Orchestral Tools – Layers

Orchestral Tools also offers a free product called Layers. It includes strings, brass, woodwinds and a full ensemble.

VSCO Community Edition 2

An open-source library, VSCO Community Edition 2 offers free user-created plugins that use over 3,150 woodwind, brass, string, and percussion samples.

Picture credits: Analog channels (output), NOVO (Heavyocity), Inspire 1 (Orchestra Tools), String Ensemble (Native Instruments), Symphonic Strings (Spitfire Audio)

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