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Akai brings its iMPC music production app to Android devices

Akai iOS compatible iMPC application has been offering musicians and producers a much more mobile version of its MPC (Music Production Center) material for some time now. At MWC this week, the company announces a version for Android devices. There’s a catch though: for now, it’s only available on Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets. Despite this caveat, you can expect the same 1,200 samples, 80 editable sequences, and 50 editable programs offered by the iOS version.

With iMPC, you can compose, edit and mix music on the go with your phone or tablet. The app supports up to eight audio or MIDI tracks and gives you the option of using built-in effects and overlay beats. There are also time correction and note repeat functions in addition to three different ways to record with the mobile software. You can use the microphone of a Galaxy device, connect to another gadget via the 3.5mm jack, or record directly from another music library with the iMPC’s turntable interface. When the time comes, you can either export your work to desktop MPC software or as a .WAV file.

At launch, iMPC will only be available for Android devices through Samsung’s Galaxy App Store. As you would expect, Akai says he’s worked directly with the phone and tablet maker to optimize the software for the recently announced Tab 3 and other Galaxy devices. If you already own a Samsung gadget, iMPC is available for download now for £ 6 or $ 7 in the US.

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