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Apple is building a classical music streaming app after buying Primephonic

expands its music streaming options after buying classic service Primephonic. aims to launch a dedicated classical music app next year, which will combine Primephonic’s user interface with some of Apple’s own features.

“As a classical-only startup, we cannot reach the majority of global classical listeners, especially those who also listen to many other genres of music,” Primephonic wrote in a letter to users on its website. “So we’ve concluded that to accomplish our mission, we need to partner with a leading streaming service that encompasses all musical genres and also shares our love for classical music.”

Primephonic has closed to new users and will close on September 7th. Subscribers will receive a prorated refund and six months of free access to Apple Music. They’ll be able to listen to hundreds of thousands of classic albums as Apple builds the next app. Apple says all of these albums are available in High-Resolution Audio. Hundreds of them have also done so.

Apple is giving Apple Music subscribers a “significantly enhanced classical music experience” following the deal, including Primephonic playlists and exclusive audio content. In the coming months, it plans to leverage Primephonic’s capabilities to provide classical music fans with enhanced browsing and search capabilities. You’ll be able to search for works by composer and repertoire, and see “detailed displays of classical music metadata.”

“We love and have a deep respect for classical music, and Primephonic has become a favorite with classical music fans,” said Oliver Schusser, vice president of Apple Music and Beats. “Together, we’re bringing great new classic features to Apple Music, and in the near future we’ll deliver a dedicated classic experience that truly is the best in the world.”

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