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Apple Music application, unusual intimidation: it “steals” space in the dock of other applications

Some owners of iPhones updated to iOS 15 reportedly recognized athe unprecedented “arrogance” of the Apple Music application. Part of those who uninstalled the application from their smartphone and then decided to reinstall it, noticed that the application is automatically installed in the application dockto be clear, the set of four that are in the lower area of ​​the home screen.

Initially, it seemed that the application was stealing space only from non-Apple applications, but the various reports that followed the first “denied” this circumstance: for a bug to be investigated, the installation of Apple Music from the App Store often finds it in the dock, also instead of Safari, Phone or Calendar. Normally, the application should end up in the home pages, then it is up to the user to choose whether to highlight it or not from the four below.

Instead, it’s not due to a bug that Apple, contacted, acknowledged and promised to solve. It’s hard to establish how widespread it is, but it seems to have no connection with the iPhone model or with the version of iOS 15 installed, whether it’s the latest 15.4.1 or any of the earlier ones. So, at the moment, the only suspect is the Apple Music app.

Some users have also reported that downloading Apple Music from the App Store automatically overlaps the preference for their preferred music streaming service. So Siri is asked to play something. Apple’s service even if there was a different one among the settingslike Spotify.

For some time, Cupertino has been under fire from market regulators for anti-competitive practices. The “hottest” issue of recent days has been Apple Pay, with the European Commission accusing Apple of not granting third-party apps since 2015 the ability to use the NFC chip for functionality. tap to pay. Apple would therefore do well to correct the anomaly quickly so as not to find yourself in an even more uncomfortable position.

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