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Atlanta Institute of Music and Media Announces Online Music Production School

Duluth, Georgia –

The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media announces that its online Certificate in Music Production program is currently recruiting new students. This completely online program teaches students the basic skills and best practices for recording, mixing, and mastering original music.

the online music production The certification includes 17 courses taught by faculty and music production staff at the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media, for a total of 36 credit hours. Students can complete certification in 9 months, or three-quarters, of full-time enrollment, taking 12 credit hours at a time. Students can also choose to enroll part-time and spend 18 months or 6 terms, taking 6 course credit hours at a time. Since the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media is registered as an AVID Training Partner, students taking the Online Certificate in Music Production even have the option of becoming AVID Pro Tools Certified during their training. This certification shows that they are proficient users of AVID Pro Tools, one of the best audio production technologies available today. In addition to AVID Pro Tools, students in the Atlanta Institute of Music’s Music Production Certificate Program will also have the chance to learn Ableton Live, a technology that bridges the gap between creative music production and live performance. .

Students in the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media’s Certificate of Music Production program will use Avid Pro Tools and Ableton Live to learn analog and digital music production, as well as microphone techniques and the use of virtual instruments and plug-ins. -ins of effects. Students will also hone their knowledge of the basics of music theory and learn how to use their keyboarding skills with a digital audio workstation or DAW. By completing the program, students will build a foundation in the knowledge and skills needed to succeed as a professional audio engineer. The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media offers an immersive and hands-on learning environment, with rigorous and engaging course materials, all at a significantly lower cost than most music schools and with the ultimate course flexibility. asynchronous. The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media is even willing to help students with their careers, especially by networking with other music professionals, for as long as they live after taking courses with the institute. Students in the Music Production program are not required to take general education courses; they only need to pass an entrance exam to be admitted to the program. Interested students are encouraged to learn more about AIMM’s online music production course to decide if they wish to register.

In addition to online certificate courses in music production, the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media offers options for many other interested musicians, including an online certificate in music and technology that teaches students to perform a variety of styles. of music, both live and in the studio. Students in this program take courses in scales, chords, reading music, as well as musical interpretation, appreciation, and business skills. The Music and Technology Certificate also includes instrument-specific technical lessons, so students can learn about playing, scales, and technique for their choice of bass, drums, guitar, keyboard, and vocals. All Atlanta Institute of Music and Media online courses come with a prepackaged curriculum, so students can take them at their own pace, fitting into their already busy schedule. Since Atlanta Institute of Music and Media online courses are for people who want to improve their musical career and skills, this kind of flexibility that comes with online courses is a huge advantage because students can work around their busy music-making schedules and working on course material in their spare time.

The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media aims to provide a positive, fulfilling, and enriching experience for all students while receiving a top-quality education in contemporary music and media arts. The institute combines audio, video, computer labs and live clinics to provide quality music education to students at an affordable price. Anyone wishing to know more can contact the institute today.


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