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Australian Musicians Create Local Music Streaming Service Using Cooperative Model

Australian musicians Melanie Bainbridge and Harry Deluxe create The Pack, a patron-powered music streaming service aimed at helping unsigned local artists earn a stable salary from their music.

The Pack operates on a cooperative model whereby listeners and local businesses subscribe on a monthly or annual basis, and 40 percent of that revenue goes to local musicians who contribute content. The remaining 60 percent is reinvested in building the service.

The project, which includes a web platform and a mobile app, is aimed at musicians and businesses only in the Western Australia region. However, in order for artists to be a part of The Pack, they must play original music only and not be signed.

The Pack will test the cooperative model in a research framework composed of 40 to 60 companies, more than 300 musicians and more than 300 listeners across three local governments, with the aim of the experiment of “testing the flow of data (financial and social) through a complex and interdependent musical ecosystem ”.

“All we’re doing is flipping the streaming business model,” co-founder Bainbridge said at a startup forum last Tuesday. “Instead of actually benefiting the people at the top, it benefits the creator. So that gives them a source of income.

The app will be tested in parts of Perth, with the goal of commercial deployment in August next year.

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