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Barbie’s ‘2021 Career Doll’ Encourages Music Production

Since girls, women and everyone else love music, they should be involved in its production, and Barbie is leading the way.

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Barbie announced his news “Career doll 2021” and it encourages young girls to explore a career in music production. Barbie has been a line of toys that has always remained popular. Over the years, their brand has become more inclusive and diverse. Almost all children will find themselves in a Barbie on a toy shelf. However, Barbie It’s not just about finding a doll that looks like you, but it’s also about empowering young girls to follow their dreams and become whatever they want to be.

According to Romper and You like this, the company announced its new Career Doll 2021, and it inspires girls around the world to consider a career in music production. There are still many male-focused careers, and young women need to grow up knowing that they can be whatever they want to be.

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A funny fact is that Barbie has had over 200 careers in her lifetime, from astronaut to figure skater, but now she can add a music producer to her resume. Recent reports show that music production has only 2.6% of female employees.

Since girls, women and everyone love music, they should participate in its production and Barbie leading the way. Since the best way to get a child interested in a specific career is to expose them at a young age, it seems logical that Barbie would make a doll that encompasses this career choice. Each Barbie is unique and will have colorful hair and makeup, “cool” clothes, and she will come with her own accessories. They’ll have headphones, a laptop, and sound mixing gear, whatever they need to get started.

These dolls are part of a bigger dream from the manufacturer Mattel. They are part of their ‘dream gap’ which aims to ensure that every child knows that they can achieve any dream, regardless of the gender stereotypes that are often associated with certain career choices. Mattel will also donate to Girls Make Beats to provide learning opportunities for all girls interested in a career in music production. Barbie might be a popular toy, but it’s also a toy mom adores, due to her work with several charities and her love for our daughters to know that they can truly be all that they can be. they want to be someday.

Sources: Romper, You like this

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