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Boomplay and Telkom Kenya partnership provides affordable access to streaming music

Several music streaming services exist in Kenya.

However, none of these platforms were designed for Kenya, where BoomPlay comes into play.

Boomplay has also been offering its music streaming services in Kenya and across Africa for a long time. It is packed with features and songs and even allows users to save their music offline for their free tier plan.

Today, the company is strengthening its presence following a partnership with Telkom Kenya.

The third operator in the state will see its customers access music on the Boomplay app for KES 300. The amount will give users access to music for a month, but those who can’t part with the amount should remember that BoomPlay has got them covered. : There is a weekly plan, and those who use the platform sporadically can access a daily plan which allows them to stream music without ads and with high fidelity sound. Sounds good, right?

BoomPlay App

Martha Huro MD E.An Boomplay and Eric-Achola Marketing Director Telkom

Boomplay has a catalog of over 80 million songs. The beauty of the platform is that you can find local songs that are usually hard to access on other streaming platforms. Also, other streaming platforms make it so hard to find local playlists or similar songs after playing a few of your favorites.

That is, if I search for a certain Kenyan song in a rival streaming app, chances are the recommendations will skip the local songs and switch to songs from the West, even if they fall within the same genre. This has been a problem for many people, and I’m glad BoomPlay has solved it.

Did you also mention that finding playlists created for the local market, featuring local artists, is super easy on Boomplay? That in itself is a cool feature that a lot of people should appreciate.

And how much do the plans cost, as a whole?

A 30-day subscription will cost KES 300.

For one week, Boomplay will cost KES 160.

Daily passes also exist at KES 50.

Now, while you need to top up your debit card or mobile money wallet to pay for a music streaming service, Boomplay doesn’t do that provided you have a Telkom Kenya line. All you have to do is make sure you have enough airtime, and the subscription fee will be subtracted from the credit. It’s easy like that.


The first step to signing up for the service is to download the Boomplay app for your smartphone.

Configure it by logging into your account. If you’ve never used the app before, you can easily sign up using your Google account, which is faster.

Then from your messages, text the word BOOM to 25470123. Send the message using your Telkom line if you have a dual SIM phone.

Thereafter, you will receive a congratulatory SMS for your registration to Boompaly.

You will have the possibility to choose among the three said plans.

Authenticate and your premium subscription will be activated immediately.

Alternatively, you can click on this link, and it will take you to the subscription page. You can follow the instructions from there.

The experience

The Boomplay app looks like any other music streaming service, but it has more tricks under its sleeve.

Perhaps most importantly, you can save songs, albeit of slightly lower quality, while using the free tier option. You won’t find this kind of functionality anywhere else.

The platform has advertisements and does not hesitate to show them to you. However, once you choose to go premium, they are removed. Going premium also means that the quality of your tracks goes up to 320kbps from 128kbps or 64kbps. You can also download songs in 320kbps too.

Also, this is the first time I’ve seen a music app that allows listeners to leave comments on a song. It’s a more personal way to interact with a track and the production team behind it.

We are still testing the app and will give you more updates in the coming days on our experience.

In the meantime, have I already subscribed to the service?


“This partnership is an important step in our journey to make music more affordable and accessible to users across the country. With millions of subscribers on their platform, Telkom provides the perfect opportunity to enhance our vision of ensuring the African music ecosystem unlocks its full potential,” said Martha Huro, Managing Director of Boomplay for East Africa.

“With the increasing commoditization of the Internet, content is king and we are looking to leverage our mobile data network to provide our customers with an unparalleled experience. It is strategic partnerships such as these that will accelerate the things,” says Eric Achola, Marketing Director of Telkom.

He added, “This combination enables subscriber growth and retention for both partners through affordable data from Telkom and new on-demand content from Boomplay.”

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