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Constellation Network (DAG) to Boost Leading Music App Geojam with Crypto

Vladislav Sopov

Versatile blockchain product Constellation Network has entered into a crucial partnership


  • Constellation Network will move business operations from Geojam to the blockchain
  • JAM token will be listed on Lattice Exchange

Consumer social music app Geojam will integrate Constellation’s Hypergraph Transfer Protocol (HGTP) technology and launch its first native token, JAM.

Constellation Network will move business operations from Geojam to the blockchain

According to the official announcement shared by Constellation Network, Geojam, a leading music social app for iOS devices, will use its blockchain solutions.

The Geojam platform is backed by a handful of iconic artists such as Mariah Carey, 24kGoldn and Nyjah Huston. It attempts to help artists regain control of their records through fan engagement practices and new content distribution mechanisms.

Currently, Jam Points are used as an indicator of popularity and fan engagement for each artist on Geojam. With the Constellation Network partnership, this scoring mechanism will have to migrate to the blockchain.

As Geojam’s financial model will incorporate Constellation’s Hypergraphic Transfer Protocol (HGTP), Geojam will release its own cryptocurrency, the JAM token.

JAM token will be listed on Lattice Exchange

Ben Jorgensen, CEO and co-founder of Constellation Network, emphasizes the paramount importance of partnership for the entire Geojam community:

We are thrilled to have Geojam join our community and look forward to providing their user base with an unparalleled decentralized currency experience.

Sarah Figueroa, co-founder and CEO of Geojam, highly rates the role of the JAM token in her service’s tokenomics:

With $JAM, this takes it to a whole new level, as fans can now play a direct role in the trajectory of their favorite artists, while artists can take advantage of unique monetization and gamification strategies that are only possible with this symbolic economic model.

The product’s native token, JAM, will be listed by Lattice Exchange. Native LTX tokens will be required to purchase an allocation in the Geojam Token Sale.

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