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Director Kirk Lee remembers the mothballed Vybz Kartel film and gets into music production

Summer time Video director Kirk Lee recalled a shelved Vybz Kartel film.

According to the filmmaker, who is now embarking on musical production, he had agreed to produce the feature film with the real bad man deejay in 2011. The project was put on hold after Kartel was jailed in September of that year, and he eventually died in development.

However, Lee has not given up on the project, as the Worl’ Boss is appealing his conviction to the Privy Council in the UK.

“A future movie is always possible,” he said. DancehallMag.

Speaking about Kartel’s imprisonment, Lee said he believed the singer may be innocent of the murder charges. “Based on the interactions I had with Kartel, I believe he is innocent. But I am neither the law nor a lawyer. Yet I have always been amazed by the respect, the manners, the punctuality, dedication to craftsmanship and professionalism,” said Lee.

Over the years, Kirk Lee has earned a great reputation as the man behind the lens on videos such as Ding Dong’s HolidayBeenie Man and Sean Paul The greater GallisPopcan’s Only the man she wants and Vybz Kartel Straight and fitted jeans, Benz Punany & You and Him Deh, Dump truck and never have a girl, Coloring book, and Summer timewhich after its release, received the Apple iTunes and Streams Award for its excellent streaming performance.

“A good music video doesn’t just bring a song to life – it often brings a new one,” he said.

In 2003, Lee shot his first and so far only feature film to date, Castle in THE sky, and the film was screened at the South African Film Festival. He is currently in the United States, working on his idea for the next feature film.

“One is in the works but I can’t speak to the details,” he said.

Vybz Kartel, Kirk Lee

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Lee attended Indian River State College, then returned to the island to found RoadBlock! Movies as its tag. His big breakthrough came when he began working with the late producer Patrick ‘Roach’ Samuels who created Lee’s first directorial opportunity to helm UIM Productions’ Purge Medley in 2006.

Lee continued to work with rappers and independent artists overseas.

“My work is defined by my willingness to bring my imagination to screen by any means necessary. This is somewhat limited by budgets, deadlines, and readings from other people who have authority over the finished product,” said he declared.

“I did seven videos for Zakasi, an artist from New Jersey in August 2021. I did something for Shelly Belly the month after. Also worked with Damand Blue, an artist from Baltimore, represented by the Universal Music label,” he said.

Over the years he has been voted best director and nominated for other Caribbean awards.

Today, Kirk Lee is also a music producer and often constructs his own beats. “I currently have two artists signed with me and I’m working with a third who wants to sign,” he said.

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