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“EASY FIND VOL.1” is available on major music streaming platforms

Easyfind Vol.1

“EASY FIND VOL.1” is available on major music streaming platforms

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 22, 2022 / — Easyfind Label is proud to announce the release of EASY FIND VOL.1, a soulful R&B focused album blending gospel music, rhythm and blues and jazz. This new album includes 9 original Easyfind Artist songs:

Track 1: INC Feii Vang
Track 2: THE KEY TO YOUR HEART Soulgood Kid
Track 3: Flare Zihao Fang, Tracy Zhang
Track 4: PASSENGER Ruiqi Zhao
Track 5: STOP IN THE MIDDLE Soulgood Kid
Track 6: NEVER SEE YOU Ruiqi Zhao
Track 7: MAKE UP MINDS Soulgood Kid
Track 8: SLOW DIVE Soulgood Kid
Track 9: NEON Zihao Fang

It seems that Easyfind Label was setting the world up for a project that would upend the concept of how independent musicians produce, publish and promote their work and use Easyfind Label as a platform to bring together independent music sounds, which have been judged eligible to make an appearance on record.

The artists who appear on the album show their talent and excellence, offering solace and connection in the face of isolation. According to Feii Vang, the artistic director of Easyfind Label, “What these songs have crystallized in my mind is a special state of mind that relaxes me from anxiety. ‘Key to Your Heart’ by Soulgood kid and Cheng Hsien Liang (Aka. Samm) describes the excitement of connecting with others, but it may not be repayable. Its solution is the refrain ‘there is always hope for deeper understanding; there is always room for love to grow; there is always time for us to trust;’ This new song describes isolation during the Covid pandemic and attempts to connect listeners to inner harmony.”

According to Shutang Li, President of Easyfind Label, “We partnered with Soulgood Kid, who is currently the CEO of our company, because through his music, Soulgood Kid gives me the opportunity to understand his unique vision and aesthetic. I believe a newcomer like her has the potential to achieve something. The album’s first single “INC” and “KEY TO YOUR HEART” were well received by fans. Cooperated with Sound Engineer Studio, “EASY FIND VOL.1” is now available on Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud and Tidal Music.

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