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Factory Underground Tech, a nationally accredited school for music recording and audio production, launches at Norwalk CT

Underground Technology Plant, Norwalk, CT

One of the things that most excites me about teaching our program, besides seeing young artists grow up, is seeing them learn skills that transcend the music industry, such as hard work, preparation, branding and business / life skills.

Now open and student registration for the fall semester 2021 is Underground plant technology, a nationally accredited institute for music recording, audio production, sound engineering, and motion picture technology, located in historic Wall Street in Nowalk, Connecticut.

The heart of the new program is a 20 week program Course on the essentials of the artist designed for the individual seeking a career as a studio engineer, music producer or recording artist. The school also offers lessons and private lessons in songwriting, rhythm creation, vocal production, mixing, mastering, preparation for university auditions and interpretation of musical instruments, as well as film and video lessons. It takes a hands-on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) approach that allows students, aged 12 to adulthood, to work in a professional production studio.

“The program and the courses are supposed to be very results-oriented. We want our students to leave with the assets / credits that can either help them enter the industry on a professional level or help them enroll in college programs, ”said Kenny Cascioli, Co-Founder of Factory Underground Tech and Berklee graduate.

The transition to music education is the latest development in the Factory underground studio, owned by Kenny Cascioli and his longtime partner Ethan Isaac, who is also the singer-songwriter of the rock band Edisun. They began building Factory Underground in a converted underground industrial complex in Norwalk in early 2010. It has since grown into one of the best recording studios in the Northeast. The sprawling studio, located on Isaac Street, close to the Wall Street Theater, recently hosted renowned international talents such as Jose feliciano, Brian McKnight, Mandy Harvey and Rakim.

The studio, which is supported by the Guild of Film Actors, has also attracted major film studios including Disney, Netflix, Warner Brothers and Nickelodeon, which use the studio to ADR (automated dialogue replacement) and voiceover registration. Recent studio productions include F is for Family, Roswell, Girls5Eva, Fear Street, The Equalizer and others. Music recorded at Factory Underground was used in an award-winning holiday commercial by Walmart in 2020.

“We have always understood the potential of this field to attract top talent in music and theater. It has been amazing to see Norwalk become a hotbed of music recording, television and film post-production, ”said Marc Alan, Marketing Director of Factory Underground.

Since its inception, Factory Underground has been dedicated to developing young talent and emerging artists in Norwalk and Fairfield County. Two groups that the studio helped develop from the region, goose and Similar genre, have achieved national recognition, with millions of Spotify streams among them for their music recorded at Norwalk.

“One of the things that excites me the most about teaching our program, besides seeing young artists grow up, is seeing them learn skills that transcend the music industry, such as working hard work, preparation, branding and common business / life skills, ”says Cascioli. .

To attract emerging talent, it was fitting that the studio was recently asked to host auditions for American Idol, which three Factory Underground Tech students, Gabi Pierre-Louis, Ariella Mendez and Bella Bardos, auditioned for for the TV show. . Of the three singers, Pierre-Louis and Mendez were both accepted to the second round audition.

“My goal in opening Factory Underground Tech was to use my years of experience in the music and entertainment industry to develop emerging talent and people trying to break into the music industry. Our goal as a school is not only to teach the technical side of audio and film production, but to inspire people of all ages, to help them gain confidence and persevere in the entertainment industry by rapidly changing today, ”said Ethan Isaac.

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