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Groove to the best music streaming services in 2021

Credit: Betsey Goldwasser

There has been a radical revolution in the way people consume music. Gone are the days when people had to buy tapes and CDs to listen to their favorite singers. Physical sales and purchases are long gone. Nowadays, you can easily subscribe to any music streaming service and enjoy all your favorite songs!

All you need is an uninterrupted internet connection and you can stream your favorite tunes from anywhere and anytime. Music streaming services have become so vital to the music industry. But the question here is which streaming service is the best.

Of course, there are a few services that are better than the rest. Since there are so many, it can be difficult for you to choose one. A characteristic common to almost all Best Music Streaming Services is that most of them have around 70 million songs.

But some companies are more attractive because of their new features that cater to specific interests. When considering which streaming service to subscribe to, there are a few things to consider.

  • Make sure the app works on every device
  • Check streaming audio quality
  • Check if the service supports digital assistants
  • Check whether or not the app allows offline reading

Does that sound like a lot?

Here are the top streaming services that are valuable and worth considering.

Image: Spotify

Are you looking for a music streaming app that offers a huge range of music and is also compatible with all devices? Spotify has it all. Spotify is one of the biggest music streaming services that offers apps for all major platforms including Android, iOS, or any of your favorite browsers.

One of the best features that Spotify offers is that it allows the public to try it out without having to subscribe!

The platform offers an ad-based free version that you can use unlimited if you want to listen to ads every now and then.

If you are using PC or Mac and want a dedicated app, you can get the Spotify app. The big streaming service also provides video content and podcasts and streams music up to 320Kbps resolution. You can add unlimited number of songs to your personal Spotify library and with its social sharing feature; you can check what your friends are listening to. With several admirable features, Spotify remains the most accessible streaming service.

Other cool features include:

  • The free version is robust
  • With Spotify Connect, you can connect to wireless speakers
  • Create your playlist and sync it to listen to when you’re offline
  • Follow artists and receive alerts when they release new music
  • See the lyrics
  • Allows you to play music files stored on your device
  • Share podcasts with friends and others
Image: Apple Music

If you are using Apple products and iPhone, Apple Music is the best choice for you. Second, for Spotify, Apple Music pairs very well with Apple’s software and hardware. Plus, Apple’s well-designed layout integrates seamlessly with your existing iTunes track library.

In addition, Apple Music has over 45 million songs which is huge. You would love to know that Apple Music pairs perfectly with Apple Watch and Siri, and that you can tune it on a HomePod.

Besides all the features mentioned above, Apple Music also offers exclusive music and a radio station. Whether you use a mobile app or a desktop computer, Apple’s interface is easily navigable with a very efficient layout.

Compared to Spotify and other huge streaming platforms, Apple offers more subtlety in terms of sound quality and more space around the instrumentals.

Other cool features include:

  • Huge selection of content
  • Live radio
  • Excellent fusion with all Apple devices
  • Robust and intelligent interface
  • There are human music experts who help to discover music based on history
  • Control what you search for or hear with Siri on various Apple devices
Image: Pandora

Pandora is one of the most popular streaming services in the United States. Compared to other major streaming services, Pandora is more flexible than most of its competition. Paid subscribers can choose to play specific exclusive tracks. This app is best suited for those who want to play custom songs and also want to enjoy contactless listening experience while tune in to their radio station.

The Pandora layout is very efficient and easy to get started. All you have to do is tell the app which artist you would like to hear and it creates a channel with an exclusive selection of that artist.

Do not hesitate to change the channel according to your tastes. The app is available on almost all major platforms including iOS, Android, smartphones, smart speakers, and web browsers.

Other cool features include:

  • Consists of one of the largest numbers of users
  • Offers a free version
  • Get Better Music Suggestion With Pandora Music Genome Project
Image: iHeart
  1. iHeartRadio

IHeartRadio gives you access to the vast world of music and radio on one platform. From exclusive music, news, radio stations, podcasts, talk, sports and comedy, you can listen to all the best content on iHeartRadio.

With this impressive music streaming platform, you can access over 1500 live stations from across the United States as well as the platform’s huge library which consists of over 15 million songs.

One of the best features of this app is that it offers custom stations for free!

The app is available on Android, Automobiles, Alexa, iOS, and the Web. You can easily find all your favorite artists, play and listen to their best songs while listening to songs from similar artists.

Recently, the app released some exclusive features that have changed the way users interact with this popular and fast growing streaming app. The app now offers listeners to choose from thousands of stations organized according to their activities and moods. The catalog includes over 400,000 artists and users can now select the all new “Perfect for” feature to view the extensive menu.

Other compelling reasons include:

  • iHeartRadio is the fastest streaming service to reach over 20 million users
  • It’s the # 1 digital radio service that provides instant access to over 1,500 popular live broadcasts from across the country.
  • The app offers a wide selection of radio stations
  • The app has a wider reach than any other media company in the United States
Youtube music
Image: Youtube Music
  1. Youtube music

Well, you already know that the mass of YouTube and YouTube reflects that exactly. This app is the way to go if you are already connected to the Google ecosystem which includes services, apps and also Google Assistant.

Put simply, if you are an Android user, then look no further than YouTube music. It’s a great music streaming service. The app is not only available on Android services, but also web and iOS.

The services offered by YouTube Music are so smart that they offer interesting location-based playlists and also offer the ability to search for tracks based on the lyrics of that particular song. It also offers a free and ad-supported version.

The user interface of this popular music streaming app is terribly solid. YouTube Music offers well-organized radio stations that feature attractive features.

Other cool features include:

  • Interesting and extensive reading list
  • Seamless integration with Google services
  • Superb search function
  • Extensive list of live recordings
  • Radio stations play endlessly with frequent updates
  • Browse over 40 million songs
  • Transfer existing favorite songs from old device
  • Find songs by genres and moods
  • Watch lots of music videos effortlessly
  • Create new playlists

So pick your favorite and start streaming now!

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