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Live music streaming app Trubify goes global

LOS ANGELES (CelebrityAccess) — Trubify, the live music streaming act making waves by offering the highest payouts to artists, is expanding its global reach. A 7-figure licensing agreement for Trubify’s technology has been signed for emerging music markets around the world.

Trubify’s music structure is co-created by musicians and powered by fans, all supporting fair compensation for music streaming. Trubify pays its creators in an unprecedented way two cents per live stream viewer and one cent per viewer on demand. Plus, Trubify offers other features that help artists and fans discover, engage, and share new music, lessons, discussions, and even revamped covers with Trubify handling licensing fees and administration.

The recent licensing agreement will allow more and more creators around the world to access Trubify’s technology.

India.Arie recently made headlines for removing his music from the Spotify streaming platform, citing in part the Rogan controversy and low artist salaries. “Spotify is built on the back of music streaming. So they take this money that’s built from streaming and they pay this guy [Rogan] $100 million, but they pay us 0.003% of a penny? Just take me away”. Forbes published these streaming amounts (although calculating the exact numbers is extremely difficult) for 1 million plays of a song, artists receive the following:

Apple Music: $5,000-$5,500

google play: $12,000

pandora: $1,400

Youtube $1,700

Spotify: $3,000 to $6,000

Trubify: Their official site says they pay 2 cents per stream to their artists, which would earn $20,000 per 1 million streams. Plus, it doesn’t charge a free subscription and is “a FREE community-based live music app built around the streaming revolution.”

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