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Music streaming revenue soars in Japan

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In 2021, interactive streaming, including subscription services and video streaming, accounted for about a third of music royalty revenue generated in Japan.

The Japan Society for Authors, Composers and Publishers Rights announced that in 2021, music royalties rose 3.6% from the previous year to 116.7 billion yen. This is the second highest level on record, the highest being in 2019.

Music subscription services and interactive streaming like YouTube led the rise, rising 16.0% year-on-year to 37.5 billion yen. Although interactive streaming has been growing since around 2015, during the COVID-19 pandemic society as a whole embraced online activities and digitization became widespread, which spurred the increased use of streaming services. subscription and video streaming.

Revenue from shows, including concerts and karaoke, rose 4.8% to 16.2 billion yen, but was still well below pre-pandemic levels. Broadcast revenue showed signs of slowing, falling 6.7% to 28.0 billion yen.

The work that generated the highest royalties through distribution by JASRAC in 2021 for the second consecutive year was LiSA’s “Gurenge” (Red Lotus), which is used as the theme song of the popular television animation Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. In second place was “Homura” (Flame), again by LiSA, used as the theme song for the film version Demon Slayer: Mugen Train. “Kaikai kitan” (Round-About Fable), the TV anime’s theme song Jujutsu Kaisen took eighth place.

Top 10 Japanese musical works by royalty distribution

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