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Music streaming service Bass Gods founded by JeromeGrace, Randolph Francis and Kevon Polk will launch in summer 2022

A new streaming service is on the way.

Bass Gods is an online audio distribution and music sharing platform founded and led by CEO Jerome Gracehead of operations Francois Randolph and visionary CEO Kevon Polk.

The music industry has changed due to technological advancements. Today, music creators need to be able to deliver their music to fans and listeners quickly and decisively, respecting the different ways each chooses to access it. Bass Gods is a digital service that will offer newly established musicians the ability to connect directly with their fans by allowing them to engage in real-time, live sessions through their platform.

Why Choose Bass Gods?

Bass Gods will change the way we discover, listen to and publish music. The streaming service will allow guest artists to upload their music directly to Bass Gods, bypassing any third-party aggregator/distributor (e.g. Tunecore). Listeners can sign up, create their accounts, and interact with artists – who are also Bass Gods users! Subscribers will be able to interactively stream music and purchase permanent digital downloads, merchandise, event tickets, and more, directly from artists on Bass Gods.

Launch date and compatible platforms:

The Bass Gods music streaming service will launch in three phases. The first phase is called ‘Alpha’ and will be launched at the end of this summer 2022. The Alpha phase will allow artists to upload their music directly to Bass Gods. Artists will also have the opportunity to invite other artists to join Bass Gods. The Bass Gods app will be available for Android and Apple devices and can be downloaded through the respective app stores. The Bass Gods mobile app will be a replica of their website, allowing artists to download music and related media directly from their mobile devices.

Bass Gods Membership Plans:

For musicians:

The Bass Gods platform will offer two plans: a free plan and a Pro plan. The Free plan only allows a limited number of downloads, however, the Pro plan gives artists unlimited downloads and other features.

For listeners:

Bass Gods plans for listeners will be tiered as a free, ad-supported plan. Going forward, the Bass Gods founders plan to launch a paid subscription plan that will provide listeners with interactive access to ad-free music artist catalogs.

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