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Music streaming service Tidal launched in UAE

As part of its commitment to artists, TIDAL offers an emerging artist program, Tidal Rising, which introduces listeners to new artists they might not otherwise have heard of.

Global music and entertainment streaming service Tidal has launched in the United Arab Emirates. Launched in 2015, the platform now offers more than 80 million songs and playlists to listeners.

For artists, Tidal offers new ways to get paid to help them create on their own terms with fan support.

Tidal offers two subscription options for users: Tidal HiFi and Tidal HiFi Plus. The former is available for $5.50 per month and offers an ad-free experience where users can connect the app to other speakers and download music for offline listening.

Tidal HiFi Plus, which is available for $11 per month, offers all the benefits of Tidal HiFi plus fan-centric royalties, direct artist payments, and early access to exclusive offers and upcoming features. It also offers immersive sound formats (Dolby Atmos Music & Sony 360 Audio Recordings) and Master Quality Authenticated (MQA).

Tidal Family offers six accounts for $8.50/month (Family HiFi) or $17/month (Family HiFi Plus).

Ragheb Alama, singer and songwriter, said, “Launching Tidal in the UAE gives my fans a new platform to listen and enjoy my music in high quality sound. I’m thrilled to see Tidal helping fans support their favorite artists in new ways with features like direct-to-artist payments because, for any artist, supporting our fans is why we make music.

Tidal sees itself as an artist-focused platform, offering direct payments to artists, which means that each month a percentage of HiFi Plus subscriber fees are directed to their most streamed artist.

It will also launch fan-centric royalties later this year, meaning royalties will be paid based on an individual HiFi Plus subscriber’s streaming activity.

Tidal members will have access to regularly updated playlists featuring local artists, including new music in all genres including pop, dance and electronic.

Lior Tibon, COO of Tidal, added, “The UAE is multicultural, has a strong music culture and is a leader in world-class entertainment for music fans. Fans can now listen to music and support their favorite artists as Tidal continues to expand support for artists with new ways to get paid. We are excited to support music culture in the UAE and prioritize the experiences of fans and artists.

Tidal is available for download for Android devices via Play Store and iOS via App Store.

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