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New Orleans Public Libraries launch new local music streaming service

As the school year winds down, so does a film contest for middle and high school students in Louisiana. The 2022 Film Prize Junior festival featured 79 student films from 48 schools across the state and more than $12,000 in scholarships and media grants.

Gregory Kalenberg, Executive Director of the Prize Foundation and the Junior Film Prize, and Otis Buras, winner of the Grand Prize for Best Secondary Division Short, tell us more.

It’s no secret that New Orleans is a music city, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy for local artists to get noticed – and the live music scene isn’t accessible either. to all. But now the New Orleans Public Library System is trying to change that with the launch of Sounds of Crescent City: a homegrown music streaming service populated exclusively by lesser-known artists from the city.

For more information, Louisiane Considered as line producer Alana Schreiber spoke to the library associate leading this project, Josh Smith, and local music journalist and curator Alison Fensterstock.

The rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine more than a year ago got off to a somewhat bumpy start, including in Mississippi. The NAACP has filed a new lawsuit against the Mississippi Department of Health, saying low-income communities of color were actively excluded at first.

Shalina Chatlani, health care reporter for the Gulf States Newsroom, spoke about the complaint with Mississippi Public Broadcasting Desare Frazier.

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