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Not much happening in music streaming, but a new disruption is coming | by Space and Lemon Innovations | March 2022

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Spotify, the world’s first music streaming app. Using machine learning, personalized songs, playlists and podcasts are offered to users on the app. Even custom content for pets or a review playlist of the year with Spotify Wrapped are custom features built into the app. Opinion: Spotify has worked its way to the top alongside all other audio streaming apps. In particular, the ability to recommend curated and personalized content is what sets Spotify apart.

Spotify continues to be at the forefront of technology in the field of music streaming with always new small initiatives for customization and improvement.

SoundCloud, the Berlin-based music streaming app in the German iOS AppStore’s Top 5. Not only original songs can be streamed directly through the artist profile. The main focus is on emerging artists and remixes, which can also be commented on by the community. Opinion: SoundCloud is the underdog of music streaming apps. As with all streaming apps, songs and podcasts can be listened to, but SoundCloud takes the music experience to another level – more interactive, more experimental. It’s like a playground for established and budding artists and shouldn’t be missing on any mobile phone.

Cool concept but no major updates – the “emerging” artists niche keeps SoundCloud afloat for now.

TikTok isn’t really a music streaming app but is still very much rooted in music. Songs are promoted through the app by well-known artists or fans. Early drafts by small artists are shown to the community and then specially uploaded to SoundCloud. Opinion: Thanks to TikTok, the artist-consumer interaction is redesigned. Artists can proactively respond to consumer wishes. Although the songs are uploaded to Spotify and SoundCloud, it’s only a matter of time before TikTok tries to reduce churn.

How TikTok will react to this remains exactly exciting – SoundCloud is gearing up to defend your little niche artists!

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