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Oops, Apple may have leaked its new music app on Android – Review Geek


Leaks will always get you! A new leak of the latest Android Apple Music beta update has revealed a string of data referencing the potential name of Apple’s next standalone classical music service. This is quite exciting news for classical music fans.

Apple bought Primephonic, another classical music streaming service, in 2021. In doing so, the company also promised its listeners that a new music experience dedicated to the genre was coming. Apple has promised that it will bring popular features from the service, such as exclusive playlists and tracks, as well as Primephonic’s entire music library, to its new app.

The string was discovered by 9to5Google and revealed in an “APK Insight” article. Their team dug through the files and found references to “Apple Classical”, which we can only assume is this new service. It’s always possible that Apple could change this name before the official launch of the final product, but “Apple Classical” seems consistent with Apple Music.

Classical music is a different beast than non-classical music, which is why it’s nice to see a few services dedicated to it. Where “normal” music is easy to categorize (by band/artist, album name, and genre), classical music doesn’t quite work like that and features lots of additional track information. Also, there are thousands (if not millions) of recorded performances for each individual composer and composition, so it’s much harder to organize.

Dedicated services offer more robust search capabilities that are better suited to handling the complicated track names and other quirks this type of music is filled with. And while you can Listening to your favorite classic tunes on standard streaming music services, like Tidal or YouTube Music, is easier on one of these dedicated services. So, naturally, we’re totally excited to see how “Apple Classical” stands up to Primephonic.

Source: 9to5Google via iMore

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