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Spotify: an update causes outages in the music streaming service

An update of Spotify brought with him a series of failures. Users of the music streaming service have reported bugs in the app, including sudden song playback interruptions and crashes. The issues occurred on devices running the Android operating system.

Spotify failed: 5 details behind the music streaming app’s stumble

  • The issue occurred after an update to the Spotify app for Android. Service users on computers with this operating system have reported that the playback stopped and crashes occurredas reported by the site 9to5Google.

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  • It was also indicated that the “Now Playing” bar disappeared from the application interface, an error which prevented playback control. The absence of this panel is random and seemingly random.
  • The errors were noticed on cell phones with Android 12, especially in the Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel models and in the units of the manufacturer OnePlus. as remark Phone Arenathe number of reports that circulated on platforms such as Reddit and in the Spotify community that pointed to these smartphones would have a direct correlation to the popularity of these products rather than an exclusive failure of these devices.
  • At the time of publication of this review, the causes of bug and Spotify. However, the company responsible for the streaming service has acknowledged the problem and has requested more information from affected users. In this context, they promised a fix that will come in a next update. The company asks affected users to “make sure you set your Spotify app to update automatically,” and they say “it should work soon.”
  • The options for finding a remedy for the error are relatively limited. According to 9to5Google, An easy way to fix the problem would be to install an older version of the Spotify app. version (the one that presented the defect). However, it would be safer to wait for the company to release a new update in the coming weeks.

Spotify failure: users are waiting for a solution

Following the site report Use, all companies make mistakes from time to time, either by introducing errors or by disclosing private data. In this case, the bug it’s annoying but it’s not that bad and it’s up to them it’s possible that “people will forgive Spotify if it comes up with a quick and easy solution” to implement.


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