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TaFMA to develop Naga music app: Theja Meru | MorungExpress

Our correspondent
Kohima | January 14

The Task Force for Music and Arts (TaFMA) is ready to develop a Naga music app to advance the music industry in Nagaland.
In this, TaFMA Councilor Theja Meru sought government support to make it a reality.

TaFMA has already communicated this proposal to the state government, Meru told media on Thursday at RCEMPA, Jotsoma.

He informed that all the works of Naga musicians be it English, folk, fusion songs will be uploaded in this Naga Music app. In terms of economic return, if the population of Nagaland is 22 lakh and 1% of the population of 22 lakh counts for this app, and would get 22,000 subscribers, Meru said.

“The expected revenue generation from subscription fees alone will exceed more than Rs. 1 crore.

This is a very serious matter and we are pursuing it,” he said.

If this Naga Music app materializes, it would be one of the first in the North East region. The app would really help Naga musicians not only earn but also receive due recognition in the music industry across the world, Meru said.

He said that Nagaland’s music industry is moving in the right direction.

Observing that there are more than 100 music schools in Nagaland, he said he was happy with how parents send their children in a very conscious way to learn music in the “correct” way. The focus is on music education in the state, he stressed.

Meru also informed that TaFMA will begin the process of ranking music schools incorporated with them.

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