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Tencent Music to Launch One-Stop Music Production Service Platform – Pandaily

Tencent Music Entertainment Group (TME) on Monday announced plans to launch a one-stop music production service platform called “Musical Assistant Qimingxing.” The platform will be open to music creators across the industry and could support artists and practitioners throughout the music production process. It also seeks to solve the fundamental problems of the production of musical works, such as the evaluation and transaction of DEMO and the management of assets.

Qimingxing Music Assistant would be the first one-stop music production service platform open to the whole industry. It offers outstanding performance in channel diversity, resource integration efficiency and service openness. The platform starts from the DEMO dimension of lyrics and songs and provides support to creators in every key process of music production.

In terms of DEMO management and lyrics and song transaction, Qimingxing Music Assistant assesses the explosion potential of DEMO through AI tools, high-quality DEMO in five seconds to help quick decision-making . It also applies TME’s existing mature algorithm capabilities such as PDM notation, chorus recognition, and genre recognition. Thus, it helps users to filter, locate and find target choices quickly.

The platform also provides users with service assistants that provide comprehensive services for copyright transfer from online trading, online signing, and online payment. The transaction supports online electronic signature, effectively promoting the rapid transfer of DEMO copyright.

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In addition, the platform stores blockchain certificates for lyrics and songs uploaded by users, and provides full copyright protection for all lyrics and songs based on copyright protection capability. author of the music precipitated by TME. This can effectively guarantee the originality and transaction security of musical works.

It is reported that Qimingxing Music Assistant is undergoing alpha testing, and some music creators and practitioners have used related services.

Also on Monday, Tencent Music released its unaudited financial report for the first quarter of fiscal 2022 ending March 31. The report suggests that Tencent Music recorded a stable overall performance in the first quarter. The number of online paying users reached a record high of 80.2 million and the payment rate exceeded 13%.

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