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The best free music production software

Nowadays, your laptop can turn you into a superstar. There are people who travel the world with nothing but their laptops, plug them into PA systems wherever they are, and then give concerts to thousands of fans. I’m of course talking about the superstar DJs.

The best DJs look for the best music and play the right tracks at the right time for the audience to hear. It sounds like an easy job, but it isn’t. On top of that, if you want to become a superstar DJ who travels the world, there is something else that you will need to master; music production. Unsurprisingly, A LOT of people want to be superstar DJs, which makes it very difficult to stand out from the crowd. However, the best way to prove that you are special is to create your own songs to play in your own sets and for other DJs to play in theirs. Yes, music production is an integral part of your journey to becoming an international superstar DJ. It’s time to become a music maker.

Music production software can come at a steep price, however, and if you’re just starting out you might be hesitant about the price. This is where Softonic comes in. We’re here to get you started on your path to stardom by walking you through some of the best free music production software options.

Free music creation software



Audacity works on Windows, MacOS, and GNU / Linux and is a free music software wonder. Like all the best professional-grade free programs, such as the GIMP Image Editor, Audacity is open source software, which means that users and developers can add features to the main product or fix any bugs they want. find.

Audacity has plenty of features that place it alongside some of the more expensive premium options out there. With Audacity, you can easily perform live audio recording, record sounds from your PC, convert music, edit, cut, copy and assemble tracks of many different audio formats, and download and install plugins to add new features as you realize it. need them. Audacity offers advanced audio editing software while remaining, surprisingly enough, very easy to use.



Mixxx is fantastic free software for all budding DJs. As the name suggests, it’s more for DJing and mixing than producing music, but it’s still an important tool for any new DJ. Another free and open source program, Mixxx is available on Windows and Mac OS X and has many features that will make DJs happy. It integrates well with external DJ controllers offering a full digital audio workstation, has beats per minute (BPM) detection and auto sync, and will even integrate with iTunes. You can stream your mixes live, save them in various audio formats, or just pop them out of your speakers for people to dance to. Mixxx is a lot of fun.



LMMS is another advanced, cross-platform, free open source audio production suite that you can download on Windows, Mac, or Linux. It comes with a lot of cool features that will have you creating rhythms in no time at all, such as a built-in piano roll that you can connect to a MIDI controller, 64 FX mix channels, and a rhythm and bassline editor. specific.

LMMS more or less stands for Let’s Make Music and that’s exactly what the program is designed for, to help you make music. The program works well with external instruments and samples and, like Audacity, has many plugins you can use to increase your music production experience. You will not be able to believe that this program is free when you download it.



MuLab is packed with premium audio production and editing tools that will help you get the song you create out of your head and into your speakers. Looking a bit like Ableton Live and available on Windows and Mac, Mulab is a fantastic music creation program. It features over 300 selected waveforms with its ultra-fast oscillators, multitrack support, flexible track and subtrack support, easy-to-use and understand modular architecture, and mono / stereo management. Automatique.

The features we’ve outlined above only cover a small portion of those offered by the free version of Mulab, which will give users access to professional-grade music production facilities. With many more features like synthesizer support, MIDI player plug-in support, and even a synth effects generator, this program has it all. Download it now to see all it has to offer.



GarageBand for Mac has some truly amazing professional tools that you wouldn’t expect a corporate giant like Apple to give away for free. Many famous artists like Rihanna and Justice have created huge global hits using GarageBand, so if you have a Mac this might be the best option for you.

GarageBand gives you the ability to create songs with up to 255 audio tracks and features great drum machine grooves produced to add to your songs and give them some rhythm. Other great features include multi-take recording so you always end up recording your best take and Multi-Touch support on iPad, which makes it possible to wirelessly play GarageBand virtual instruments on your Mac. It’s also the most user-friendly app on our list.


We’ve brought you five essential apps for all young DJs and budding music producers. If you want to make a name for yourself you have to stand out and there is no better way to do that than to create your own music and have it played by other DJs at their parties.

All of the programs we’ve featured today offer comprehensive experiences that rival those offered by high-end music production apps that cost several hundred dollars each. However, with most of these apps there is a steep learning curve so you need to be aware of that if you are just getting started. There’s no point in having massive and complete music production suites on your PC, Mac, or Linux, if you don’t know how to use them. Many of these apps come with extensive online forum support, so check the forums for user guides. You can also find full support on YouTube.

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