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The free music app for consumers, TREBEL, will be featured in the pioneering streaming series, “Going Public”

LOS ANGELES, August 11, 2021 / PRNewswire / – A Free Music App for Fast-Growing Consumers, TREBEL, will be featured in an interactive streaming series, “Become public“, joining a group of promising startups. Giving viewers a behind-the-scenes look at TREBEL’s journey by developing a music service for billions of people who are not served by the major streaming music players. The program will also enable the audiences around the world to click to invest as they watch the startup open its public offering.

Launched at the end of 2018, TREBEL is the first licensed music service that allows users to get their favorite music for free for offline playback. Targeting users who are unlikely to subscribe to premium paid music services, TREBEL delivers 100 percent of its catalog at no cost, leveraging a patented advertising model to generate revenue. The startup has relationships with three of the world’s largest record labels – Sony Music, Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group – providing a wide range of music to more than three million listeners in North America.

‍ “Almost 90 percent of the world’s 3.5 billion smartphone users don’t pay for music, yet listening to music is one of the top 10 activities on mobile devices. huge untapped market for monetization, but also an opportunity to enhance the listening experience of this massively underserved group, ”said Gary Mekikian of TREBEL.“ ‘Going Public’ is the perfect way for us to get the message across and the ethics of our business, while inviting our most ardent users and fans to become investors. “

Hosted by Wall Street maven Lauren simmons, “Going Public” will follow the stories of several companies in their quest to reach the Nasdaq. Throughout the show’s ten episodes, viewers will witness the triumphs and challenges that star entrepreneurs experience on their journey. If viewers are inspired, they can click to invest in any featured business while they watch. An opportunity until then reserved for wealthy family offices and venture capitalists.

“TREBEL may be considered a startup, but the app struck a chord with users of North America, having recently overtaken Spotify as the number one app in from Mexico Google Play Store in the free music category, “said Darren Marble, Co-Creator series. “TREBEL is a dynamic voice in the industry and we are delighted to feature them on ‘Going Public’, providing audiences with access to the action behind the scenes.”

“Going Public” will be premiered on October 19, 2021, streaming on TREBEL will seek investments through a public offer within the framework of the securities exemption from Regulation A +. For updates on the show, visit or join the conversation on Twitter at @gopublic and Instagram at @gopublic.

About “Going Public”
“Going Public” is a revolutionary new unscripted fintech series that offers interactive investment opportunities to audiences around the world. With the option to acquire ownership of the show’s star companies, viewers follow entrepreneurs along their journey as they work to get their businesses listed on the Nasdaq. “Going Public” is produced by Emmy-nominated production studio INE Entertainment, whose credits include “MasterChef” and “The Biggest Loser”. ROTH Capital Partners, a small cap institutional investment banking firm, may, at its discretion, subscribe to certain Reg A + Series IPOs.

17b Disclaimer:
The presence of a company on the show should not be construed as a recommendation of Crush Capital Inc./ “Going Public”.

The TREBEL Music app was launched at the end of 2018, driven by the mission of providing an exceptional music listening experience to billions of people around the world. By partnering with leading brands and global music and media companies, TREBEL offers the first licensed music service that offers on-demand and offline song playback at no cost to the user. TREBEL believes that factors such as credit card access and subscription fatigue should not limit listening to and discovering new music, and aims to alleviate these issues through its service.

Trebel’s Regulation A offering is available through Dalmore Group, LLC, member of FINRA / SIPC. This investment is speculative, illiquid and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of the entire investment. Please read the offering circular ( and its disclosure of risk factors before investing.

Securities offered by Dalmore Group LLC, member of FINRA (, member of SIPC (

The offer is being made only by means of the offer circular, which can be viewed here ( An offer statement regarding this offer has been filed with the SEC. The SEC has qualified the offer statement, which only means that (name of issuer) can make sales of the securities described in the offer statement. This does not mean that the SEC has approved, substantiated, or transmitted the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in the offering statement.

The securities offered by TREBEL are highly speculative; investing in TREBEL ordinary shares involves significant risk.

Certain of the statements under “Summary of the Offer”, “Risk Factors” and elsewhere in the Offer Circular constitute forward-looking statements, which relate to expectations, beliefs, projections, future plans and strategies, events or anticipated trends and similar issues, which are not historical facts. In some cases, you can identify forward-looking statements by words such as “anticipate”, “believe”, “might”, “estimate”, “expect”, “intend”, “might”, ” plan “,” potential “,” should “,” will “and” would “, or the negative aspects of these terms. or other comparable terminology.

You should not place undue reliance on forward-looking statements. The cautions set forth here and the Offer Circular, including in “Risk Factors” and elsewhere, identify important factors that you should take into account in evaluating our forward-looking statements.

Potential investors should inform themselves of the legal requirements and tax consequences within the domiciles of their citizenship, residence and place of business with regard to the acquisition, holding or disposal of securities of the type described herein.

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