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TikTok owners reportedly launch new music streaming service

The owners of the popular video-sharing app TikTok seem poised to launch a new music streaming service.

According to the media 36Kr, ByteDance – the company behind TikTok – is set to launch the service which will be available exclusively in China.

The outlet claims that the new service will be called Felio and reports that “several independent sources” have claimed that the streaming service will be headed by ByteDance vice president of products and strategy, Alex Zhu.

Felio’s reported development comes just a year after ByteDance launched another music streaming platform in India called Resso. It was created to compete with streaming giants Spotify.

The independent contacted TikTok for comment.

TikTok’s popularity has meanwhile increased, with users watching videos on TikTok for longer than they are on YouTube in the UK and US, according to a new report.

The report came from app monitoring company App Annie, which said the average time per user spent on TikTok and YouTube apps is higher on TikTok.

YouTube still retains the top spot for total time spent on apps, but not per user. YouTube has more users overall than TikTok, with around two billion monthly users, while TikTok has around 700 million.

“YouTube continues to lead TikTok in terms of total time spent, including in the UK,” said Jamie MacEwan of Enders Analysis. BBC. “YouTube’s mass audience means it gets more and more demographics who are relatively light Internet users… it just reaches everyone who is online. “

TikTok is currently ranked the most downloaded app in the world since 2020.

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