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After fifteen months of hard work and a few setbacks, Nayef Issa, founder of Nü Androids, and Meg Basset, managing partner of Cake Productions, alongside DJ and co-founder of “FEMME HOUSE”, LP Giobbi, seduce the dance community and DJ. back with their 12-city takeover tour kicking off in Philadelphia on February 25.

Hoping to inspire and educate underrepresented communities to learn how to become their own music makers, the tour will offer a free in-person production workshop for creatives in Philadelphia from 5-7 p.m., and a party that evening from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m.; all located at Warehouse on Watts, (WOW).

With the tour emphasizing equity, “FEMME HOUSE” co-founder Giobbi explains exactly why she wants to see more women in space: “I just think the more we see ourselves doing anything [explicit] we want to do, the more we will do anything [explicit] we want to do. That’s why we’re doing this and why this came about. Giobbi triumphantly shares.

Launched in 2019 by Giobbi and Lauren A. Spalding, the nonprofit FEMME HOUSE was created to address the equity issue faced by women and people across the gender spectrum on the music production side. FEMME HOUSE offers classes, workshops, courses, scholarships and more with the goal of teaching other women and non-conforming and gender-extended people about music engineering and the technical aspect of musical creation.

“We just wanted to make sure that we keep all of our workshops free for women of color access. Just trying to level the playing field, and [to] make sure I do my part as a white woman to support and listen,” Giobbi says. J

From Philadelphia to Washington DC to Brooklyn and Seattle, the FEMME HOUSE Takeover Tour’s quest to provide education and equity takes their team far and wide. Workshops throughout this tour will allow participants to learn the basics of production. With a range of topics covered from understanding MIDI to recording audio and software instruments and more, workshop participants can expect a very hands-on learning experience.

Bringing music and inclusive ethos on a 12-city tour is exactly the type of innovation that excites the two promoters. Issa, a seasoned promoter who managed to amass over 150 shows, including a show with the late Virgil Abloh, shares his excitement to do something new and positive for the community. “It’s a win-win situation. We’re doing something that pushes the boundaries with the female production scene, but also makes it inclusive for everyone for the show itself. she says.

In production, about 2% of producers are non-male, a troubling statistic for artists like Giobbi. The “FEMME HOUSE” tour aims to amplify the nonprofit’s mission to diversify the technical and production space so that it is inclusive for all interested parties, regardless of race, gender or race. sexual orientation.

“I think the thing that this 2% producer lacks [problem] is education and visual representation. So we struggle with the education in the workshop, and then the evening show is a full female lineup of DJs and producers,” says Giobbi.

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