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Wear OS YouTube Music app update enables offline music machines

A new YouTube Music app is coming to Wear OS devices that will turn said devices into mobile music monsters. In the past, we had MP3 players – small iPods, Zunes, etc. that we attached to our arm and connected to our head with wired headphones when we went for a run. Now, with an app like YouTube Music (with a YouTube Music Premium subscription), there’s a way to download music “for ad-free offline listening” without a mobile connection or smartphone connection.

The latest version of YouTube Music includes a YouTube Music app for Wear OS. This new version is first available for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, a pair of smartwatches revealed this week by Samsung. This app will not be exclusive to these devices, but these devices are the first to run the latest version of Wear OS developed by Google and Samsung.

The new version of YouTube Music works with the platform’s Smart Downloads feature. This feature “refreshes” songs you’ve downloaded to a smartwatch “every time it’s charging and connected to WiFi.”

There will also be a new look for Google Play for Wear OS in the very near future. With the launch of the Galaxy Watch 4 and the new Google Play for Wear OS, new iterations and new updates for apps that already work on Wear OS. Take for example Sleep Cycle, Spotify, Strava, MyFitnessPal, Period Tracker, Komoot and Calm.

Be sure to check your Wear OS device this week for updates to Wear OS 2 for the apps listed above, and stick around as we deliver more information on Wear OS 3 for new devices as well. ! Take a look at the timeline below for recent Wear OS updates and keep an eye out for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, which will hit stores in late August 2021.

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