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YouTube Music for Wear OS launches music streaming and tile

The YouTube Music app for Wear OS is launching two new features this week, which were quickly announced in the Wear OS by Google Help Community. These updates include a brand new Wear OS tile and the ability to stream music directly from your watch via LTE or WiFi.


If you subscribe to YouTube Music Premium or YouTube Premiumand you have tried to use YouTube Music Wear OS app in the past, you may have noticed that you can’t play songs from your music library unless you download them to your watch first. This can be a huge problem if your watch doesn’t have a lot of storage space, which severely limits the number of songs you can take with you on your run or workout.

Currently, you cannot stream music from your watch. You need to download it first.

With this update, which was teased by Google and Samsung earlier this year, you’ll be able to listen to your music over your cellular data network (if your watch is LTE-enabled and you have a compatible plan from your cellular provider) or Wi-Fi without having to have your phone nearby. You will also be able to download music as before using the Smart Downloads featurewhich updates songs downloaded to your watch whenever it’s connected to Wi-Fi. This feature requires that you’re a subscriber to YouTube or YouTube Music Premium.

As a YouTube Music Premium subscriber, you’ll have access to over 80 million songs and thousands of playlists on your YouTube Music app. This standalone app is YouTube Music’s first smartwatch app that allows YouTube Music Premium subscribers to download and stream music for ad-free listening, even without your phone nearby. The app also comes with the Smart Downloads feature, which refreshes the songs you’ve downloaded to your watch whenever it’s connected to WiFi. The app will even offer personalized playlists based on your listening history, so you can choose the perfect soundtrack for whatever you’re doing.

Wear OS by Google Help Community

I haven’t received this update myself yet, so I haven’t been able to try it out. However, the new YouTube Music thumbnail is live and working as promised. I was able to access my recently played playlists and browse my music. However, I had to download the song I wanted to play because the streaming feature hasn’t reached my account yet.

New Wear OS YouTube Music app tile

It looks like Google is giving Wear OS some TLC and accelerating the rollout of new Wear OS features and improvements ahead of the Pixel Watch’s release this fall. I look forward to updating apps like the Home app to also work with Wear OS version 2 so older watches can use it. Fingers crossed for this possibility.

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